OP (11-14-1988 / California)

Gone Fishing

it lays me down to rest
as I’ve been here for some time
with the line drawn tight piercing my lip
you crave the salmons sweet flavor
and pick my bones from between your teeth
I’m that fish that’s caught with ease
if it means your smile
I thirst for you like water
as this sand offers no hope
with every step another bone breaks
I haven’t many bones left
and time stands still
with none to bind my wounds

let me paint your eyelids
a portrait of my parched and prudent face
to dream away my flaws
so I can dream us carefree
with no concern for later dates
they'll always be there tomorrow
to slouch and stare with faultless eyes
to bouquets outside your windowsill
oh how I yearn to gaze into your thoughts
to gaze into the eyes of grace
which I’ve lost in a sea of despair

so tear my flesh all you'd like
for I deserve every lash
and let my last sight be your velvety skin
for mine would go stale for you here
I am but a dwindling fire
with but a blistered heart at my core
because money doesn't bring happiness
but you certainly do

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