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Gone For Thirteen Weeks
JT ( / Owensboro, KY)

Gone For Thirteen Weeks

“Hush little baby don’t you cry, ”
Because life just isn’t a lullaby,
These are words from yesteryear,
You’re all grown up and know no fear,
Your feet tread where my mind won’t go,
Your “speed of life” don’t know “slow, ”
You’ve wondered through some dark places,
You’ve made friends with some scary faces,
Life has dealt you a few low cards,
And each one has left a scar,
Touch them lightly and trace them too,
Smile a memory they’re part of you,
Now, your future is in sight,
Make it joyous - Not a plight,
Make sure your feet are on straight,
Keep your eyes with your gait,
Hold your back erect and tall,
Keep your head through it all,
Hold to thoughts both clean and pure,
This won’t make you a bit demure,
Follow through with every deed,
Ultimately, you will succeed,
Don’t give in and don’t get mean,
And You Will Be A Great Marine.

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