TA (27 july / nigeria)

Gone For Too Long

When I wandered away, I went deep, way deep
I couldn't find my way back from the trip
I had no idea; I had been gone for too long
So many things I did, but with them I saw nothing wrong
You cried so many tears, yet all I did was ignore
I had been gone for too long like a drunk man lost in the bottles of his liqour

The vigor of your love I could not help but bare
Even in the land of unknown I saw the light in your heart was rare
I could not help but trace back my steps
It took me two and half years for this trek
I wanted nothing else but you, alas I was a little too late
I had been gone for too long; the heart of another has taken my place

I miss you so much but your heart is after another, for you waited too long in tears
And I can not totally blame you for your heart was full of fears
I am heart broken but You deserve to be happy so I'd let you go
In your eyes I see, together we could have grown so old
You waited on that spot where I left and another found your heart,
I was gone for too long; now I lost the one who for so long was after my heart.

By: Tayo Ankra

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A nice poetic imagination, Ankra. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks