Gone Forever

When I see this picture I remember the time..
The time when not everything had to rhyme..
It seems so far away, like a dream..
At that time we didn't have to pick 'a team'..
Those days are gone forever, I can't bring them back..
Those memories who were close to my heart, they're all fading to black..
I can't deny it anymore, it hurts so bad..
And that all these feelings won't go away, makes me so mad..
Cause once upon a time the world was a place where everyone could live,
I hope we realize the truth, cause we all have so much to give.

by Maria Haugen

Comments (4)

i love this poem it is what goes in every body`s mind...we all hate wars and hatred...i hope people start doing more good to make the world a better place too
10 for this wonderful composition.
Thankyou for this heattfelt glimour of hope 10/10
Nice rhyme and wonderful message about potential.