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Gone Forever!

I know that you won’t miss me,
Although you say you will.
I shall only be gone forever,
That’s not long at all.

When I’m looking down on you from Heaven,
The sun rays will be my smile.
And the rain my tears,
I know that you’ll forget me.

So hear what I have to say!
I’ll only be gone forever, not long at all.
I know that it will hurt at first
But soon you shall forget,
The red hair and freckles that glow on Christmas day.

I know that you will move on cose you must forget.
don’t worry I am safe no out of harms reach.
I am in the arms of god
He shall protect me.

I know that you shall miss me and I’m sorry that I’ve gone but at least you have my grave to weep upon
and there shall I lay.
For now I am with the angels who shall carry me home.

I listen to your heart beat as they tell you that I’m gone.
It misses a beat but you still go on.
Don’t cry for me as I’m watching you, I will always love you forever and a day.

I know that you are hurting but soon the pain will ease.
I’m watching for always but never saying a word.
I’ll only be gone forever not long at all.
But it’s started to seem a long time
when I’m away from you

I hate to have to say this but I’m sorry that I did it.
I’m sorry that I went
But the bullies made me do it and this is how it ends.
I weep at the thought of it but they have won.
Don’t worry I shall be there soon

Please don’t go in my room
I could not face your pain
The blood still lies on the carpet, rug and bed
The blade upon the floor.
The image of my body is fresh in minds eye.
But you must forget!

don’t worry I’m only gone forever but we shall meet soon,
I’m sorry that I did this I’m sorry that I left you, it felt like the right thing
but now I’m not quiet sure?
Before I left I felt all warm and then I went all cold. I heard a scream and then just blanked out.

When awoke again I saw you sitting in a chair
crying as I flew up to the sky

My hand will soon reach out for you when the time is right.
I’m sorry for the pain I’ve caused and how much it hurts
don’t blame yourself its not your fault.

I shall see you when you your time is right
and together we shall live in paradise.
Together forever and a day.

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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