Gone To Far

I have done it now,
I have pushed him far enough,
I know that I have gone to far,
But the walls around me are building up,
I can’t see that how much he loves me,
I thought I was doing the right thing by pushing everyone away,
I hate myself for doing the wrong things,
I blame myself for causing the pain in everyone around me,
I am afraid to let anyone get close to me,
I surround myself with the guilt I feel inside,
On the inside I cry,
He is gone to far,
Far away from me,
I am ashamed of my life because its empty like my soul,
I try to reach out,
Reach out for help that I needed,
I try to let him get close to me but I keep on pushing him away,
The further I push him,
The further he drifts away,
I am left with this broken heart because I have pushed him away,
I just wish I knew how to fix this mistake I have caused for myself and for the one I love.

by Jennifer Rondeau

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Good poem. Sometimes it is hard to let those closest to us inside the walls that we have put up to prevent ourselves from risking being hurt.