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ES (August 7,1959 / Battlecreek, MI)

Dis Poetry

Poem By Benjamin Zephaniah

to her Holy Rosary and Unruly Hosiery

Her dark morning shuddered forever
when Sorrow's kiss shared his emptiness
and drifted down
aching to walk the west shore calm.

She'd remembered their moonless autumn,
silky hot desire his only mistress-
clutching family first,
each sunset a soft-lived treasure.

He swings the upstairs porch,
suitcase packed for many seasons,
and can't feel mosquitos peppering his calves,
so full, they strain to float away.

He swore up and down
he'd get it right this time
and swears mainly,
watching Eternity die-
his only real passenger in ages
keeps seeing ghosts.

Crushed hope had long since
blinded her hearing him,
and too broke to move,
she's sorry for(ever)
having him (over) the first time.

He cringes to see queer unions are more,
and worse,
maybe standing the better chance
of making good
last time.

He collapses weeping...
stark, stolid staring for hours on end,
not sure of any thing, any more.

O Holy GOD,
spare these wretches
from this wretched tossing so.
Quell the Evil One, I implore Thee,
lest we perish
bitter and alone...

Mardi Gras,2004: <(

by eserof

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