AS (20 Nov.1950 / Yerevan, Armenia)

Gone Under

The day Amanda moved to a new house, it rained hard
Her cat meowed like crazy and chased after unseen ghosts
She had a sleepless night; something crawled in the yard
And then she heard, ''Let's get rid of the intrusive hosts''
Which gave her the creeps, and she jumped quickly out of bed
She saw wet footprints on the floor leading downstairs
And wanted to go down, but couldn't overcome dread
She had never been that scared stiff and unnerved for years
Once the evil creature of the dark materialized
Amanda was gone under and dead to the world
That she turned into a bat, she never realized
The neighbors saw her cat devouring an ugly bird

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a wonderful poem pushing the power of the human mind to the limits of human possibility finially becoming the other without effort and doing great things with a smile a fine poem