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Gone With The Wind............

When I walk along on the ocean shore
my old memories swirling in my mind
Recollect my days when I was with you
We held our hands and walked together
while your head rest on my shoulder
While cool sea breeze touches on us
While the splashing waves wash our feet
While the rushing water roll over the rocks
While the fishermen with sail boat fishing in the sea
While the ships and trawlers sail in the deep sea
While the sea gulls wheeled and shrieked in the sky
While the hawks hover on the wind
While the sun slowly disappear in the sky
On those days everything made me beautiful
because you were near to me
But today I see everything remains same as it is
except your love and soul that's gone with the wind.
Your sudden death brought me shock and tears
Today, you made me alone and I miss you so much
Let me pray for your soul to rest in peace.

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