Gonna Get You

A slink, a slink,
a crouch, a crouch, a crouch:
Looo’ook, all about.

A snarl, a snarl,
a glimpse of teeth a while;
one you’llllllll; never forget.

A step, a step,
a step, a step. a step,
And a loo’oow; lowly groooowl.

A sniff, of scent
And then, and then, and then:
A lick; of the lips.

Prowl, prowl, prowl, prowl
I’m a gonna get you,

by David Taylor

Comments (4)

You've been chasing those Grand Babies again........sound like something out of the Wild Side : O)
ooooooooouuuuuuuu, I am scared as our neighborhood has been in a coyote watch all week...Don't let the dogs out at night.....neat poem David.
Yikes! ! I thought I caught a glimpse of something following me the other night, but everytime I looked, all I saw was shadows! ! ! ! Hugs, Dee
Sounds scary..... especially on a full moon! LOL! HG: -) xx