Gonna Tell The World

i ain't going to blog you in my Prince Charming blog..
You ain't my prince charming...
to be frank and cruel
i wonder if you ever was my prince charming
i know you might think i am disloyal and full of ego
i know you might think i am ungrateful lady..
call me whatever...
but i am going to tell the world...

this is what i felt
this is how i feel...
let us go back to the past
the black holes that i was trapped
but at the same time
there was sunlight out of nowhere...

letting you into my life ain't easy..
letting you go at the first time ain't a easy way
though so much pain and tears being with you
i let you go with all the tears i cried
together with you i cried as well
ain't nobody understand what i been through
ain't nobody understand what we been through
in dilemma,
i let you go with tears
letting you go for our future..
i ain't brave enough to hurt my love ones
i ain't dare enough to hurt my family
i am selfish
i am selfish to hurt you
i am selfish to hurt my family as well
i going to tell the world
how i felt and feel
right now i ain't love you
you ain't my prince charming
you are stranger to me
now i am going to tell the world about my past, our past...
you're the angel, i am the devil
that's what they thought of us...
you're the girl and i am the boy
you're the punching bag and i am the boxer
that's what you all thought of us...
i going to change my mind now..
i ain't going to tell the world like what you did
backstabbing me with all the fake and hurtful words.
i am going to let God decide
who should receive the bad karma
cos i ain't love you anymore
and you never been my prince charming in the past, present or future...
i am telling the world this...
i don't love you anymore....

by agnes Mngel

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