Good Advice

Here is not exactly here
because it passed by there
two seconds ago;
where it will not come back.
Although you adjust to this-
it's nothing, you say,
just the way it is.
How poor we are,
with all this running
through our fingers.
'Here,' says the Devil,
'Eat. It's Paradise.'

by Ruth Stone

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Myself and I is really great
A wonderful poem that is both here and now? In paradise! .......well penned.
Just the way it is! ! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
All our moods and notions are like falling leaves: as soon as we conceive of them, they blow off somewhere else, giving us a ringside seat at impermanence. From the all-embracing view of eternal BEING this seems like a tragedy, but who told us to posit an eternal viewpoint as the highest one? The Devil told her she should savor the transience. Evidently she considers what the devil says to be good advice. This must be a good devil, who was once an angel.
Don't let the here and now 'run through your fingers': grasp life while it is there. A thought provoking poem.
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