Good And Bad

Poem By winter lees

i hear the clinging of
my moms old piggy bank

i hear the singing of my
bird jojo who died long ago

i hear the rapping of my brothers
cds they annoys me oh so much

i hear the sirens for my dad
that makes me sad but glad

i hear the sound of my dads
hands smaking agenst my face

i hear the ripping wrapping of my mom
making gift for my friends and family

all these memories are
both good and bad

some make me happy and some make me sad

think of things from the past memories will always last

this poem is based on someones esle's life

Comments about Good And Bad

Winter my dear, the heartbreak of losing someone you love is the hardest thing you will ever have to conqure, I know Ive been there, but out of every bad thing sprouts somthing good, and you are that my dear.I have read all of your poems and I canot fault one in writing potential. I have given you 10 on every poem because I am extreamly impressed with your abilty to write. Prestation and spelling will come later. You are still very young, and you have got years a head of you dont waist them. cheers sylvia
I sense the fragrance of a rosebud. There is much promise in this poet, I like your name already (a real artist's name) and your poetry is just beginning. Watch out world. If you take it slow with growing up (and correct the few spelling errors above) we'll be watching something pleasant unfold. Of course you must keep writing. H
I really liked this poem. It has got some good rhymes and focuses well on its subject. How interesting that all the memories are of sounds! Keep writing! ! I will look forward to reading your next poems.
Hi Winter, I love the first two verses of this poem but the ones referring to your day disturbed me. Keep writing, you are doing a great job. Kind regards Gypsy

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