Strange, Is It Not? Rendering Omar Khayyam

Strange, millions of men died telling the road to heaven
And yet none returned even once to show us this road
If after death they themselves reached the preached heaven
Or how maggots ate them with their empty skulls left behind.


Strange, is it not? that of the myriads who
Before us pass'd the door of Darkness through
Not one returns to tell us of the Road,
Which to discover we must travel too.

-Omar Khayyam

by Ravi Kopra

Comments (6)

I share this moment my friend. A dear one passed a few years ago of cancer. Once so vibrant, she just simply faded away. I appreciate your thoughts!
Good-bye is one of the saddest words in the English language. But you were there for the one you held so dear And it does get better farther on. Beautiful poem. Prayers for you. Warmest regards, Sandra
very sensitive n touching poem good work
Letting go is hard, knowing one day we will return keeps us going on.
my mom died some time back, and it was cancer. peaple who are dieing like this have a look and sadnass about them, ...and you cant do any thing about it but hope for the best.
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