Good-Bye, good-bye!
And one goes out, and one stays standing still,
And that day's sun sink, o'er the low green hill.

Good-bye, good-bye!
And he goes on, far over field and moor,
And she turns back, goes in, and shuts the door.

Good-bye, good-bye!
She smiled upon him to the very last;
He'll never know what came when that was past.

Good-bye, good-bye!
And he who goes—he has but half the the pain,
His world is new, her empty rooms remain.

Good-bye, good-bye!
The books he opened, can she bear to close?
The rose he gathered; she will keep that rose!

Good-bye, good-bye!
And yet a day shall come when she shall say
''T was well that he who loved me went away.'

Good-bye, good-bye!
Love scarce is true until it has been tried;
And hearts can hold when hands are severed wide.

Good-bye, good-bye!
The last strong light of love in dying eyes
Pierces the mists of death that o'er them rise.

Good-bye, good-bye!
Nor Life nor Death has power to sever Love
It moves the world and builds the heaven above.

Good-bye, good-bye!
It ever has a sound of tears and sorrow;
Yet while we sleep, it changes to 'Good-morrow.'

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