BB (1983 / Houlton, Maine)

Good Bye

What started as a friendship
A passion that did ignite
We finally had our chance
This urge we couldn't fight

You had me all excited
To spend a life with you
Wanting to be the woman
That you expected and needed me too

But then you dropped the bomb
That you needed time apart
I knew exactly where this was going
You were going to break my heart

You said you only needed time
To figure this all out
But I really didn't know
What this was all about

You said you were already mine
I kept asking if you were sure
You told me yes and that we were good
Your heart was clear and pure

But when you lied to me
You broke my heart in two
You really did a lot of damage
And I lost a lot of respect for you

How could someone I love so much
Be so horribly cruel?
I trusted you with my heart
I was such a fool

But someday you will see
Exactly what you lost
Then it will be your turn
For your heart to pay that cost

I really wish I didn't love you
It's the worst mistake I made
But here I sit alone and hurt
As I watch our memories fade

Who says that they commit to you
Then puts it all on hold
Manipulating trust and feelings
That never once grew old

You're nothing but a liar
I can't trust you anymore
And when she ends up hurting you
Don't come knocking at my door!

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Pablo Neruda

If You Forget Me

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A very good poem about trust and relationships. There have been many of this type, and yours is one of the best. Well done.