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Good Bye
SE (5-18-78 / Boise, ID)

Good Bye

As I slipped into my bed for the end of the day
I say the evidence of your presence next to me
Your scent still lingered as a reminder of what you meant
The time that we spent
You gave me something that I didn’t have
A love with no limits
A love for me
A love for a lifetime

My soul aches as the image of you not there
Brings me to my knees in prayer
I must confess oh God, why do I over think everything
I feel a pain and now a sting
Is it your will or mine that will win in the end?
I don’t want to lose my best friend

As I awake the next day my peace is gone
I feel empty
Yet your presence is still there, next to me
I know my day will be consumed by the image of you
The thoughts of what went wrong
But I will pray

Father give me peace this day
I want your will, not my own
I want to love her, bring her to me
When you are ready, oh Lord
I love her and always will
I will keep my heart still
And wait for my butterfly
To fly
Fly home and stay

~Written by J.S.

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Dear Shaun You have so much passion in this. Brilliantly done. Yes, letting go of love hurts the Child within us all. You're A Star..Love Duncan