(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Good-Bye Cousin, Yvonne

We lost another family member
She was a sweet, lovely lady
I've known her for many years now
What a special friend she was to me.

I loved her beautiful smile when we
Visited down in the south
She loved make-up, you could tell
Her eyes and her pretty mouth.

She was extremely hard of hearing
So the Internet was the best way for her
To chat via our computers
We could visit and didn't have to hear.

Her wit and humor I so enjoyed
Cute animations she would send
Of little mice, oh, you would love them
At the time it was a wondrous trend.

We visited her every time we traveled
To the south and to Mississippi
But last summer we were saddened
For in a nursing home she would be.

She needed constant care from others
Her voice so faint, no longer strong
So when she went to heaven
We knew it was where she belonged.

We love and miss her so very much
But one day in heaven we will see
Our sweet, beautiful cousin, Yvonne
To see her smile, how excited we will be!

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