Good Bye Less

I can feel you climbing out of bed gently, yet I awake
I can feel you leaving but I cant stop you so I sleep and fake

I can hear your soft footsteps as silently you sneaked
I can hear you tie your shoelaces as continuously you peaked

I can feel your love, your care gradually fading torn asunder
I can hear objections protest by lightning and by thunder

I can see your shadow reflect upon the empty wall
I can see it by every step you take become so small

I can see you stand against the door second thoughts your taking
I can notice you're wondering if the right choice you're making

I can hear your heart beating louder as regret fulfils
I can hear your mind thinking of something that bewilders

I can see you nudge your head ignoring all those begging illusions
I can see you turn your back on me causing random explosions

I can get over you and when I do I will get rid of those voices
I can get over you and you shall cross my mind when my heart rejoices

by Ayesha Sartawi

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