Good Bye, My Friend

A friend that I’ve known has slipped away
The obituaries rudely reveal her exit in print
Gray clouds are gathering, blocking each sun ray
as a lifetime is condensed into fading footprints

Unique qualities honor a lifetime of endeavors,
all who read the tribute will have knowledge
With a final wave, a loving tie frays and severs…
Family and friends reminisce and acknowledge

Your journey ended with a loss of hope and pain,
tears of sadness diminished into numb acceptance
For those who knew you, fond memories will remain…
Each day was brighter; your energy gave substance

Remaining in my heart is laughter and a treasured smile.
In the silence of my thoughts, I will memorize for awhile

by Theresa Ann Moore

Comments (2)

This is a wonderful tribute to your friend....she will live on in your memories now...She goes now where there is no more pain....and her wings she now has gained.....peace be with you now as you morn her loss...but take comfort in knowing she is in a better place....hugs JoAnn
A best trubute to a wonderful friend, whoever was this person whom you didecated this piece of poetry... I am sure she will be happy to had you as friend too. worth the 10.