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Good-Bye, My Loved One
RR (11/27/95 / )

Good-Bye, My Loved One

(dedicated to my cat who was run over by the train near our house)

My loved one, I miss you so,
When I first heard the news, I cried, ” Oh no, it can't be true! '
For nothing can prepare you for such a loss,
The loss of someone’s life being taken, for you’re not the boss,
Not the boss of whether someone lives or dies,
The least you can do is to not except lies,
The lies of them being gone from you forever

Dear loved one, I have learned to accept it,
To except the change was hard, but I did it,
I learned to accept the truth,
I am happy for you now,
I hope you can be happy for me

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I really feel for this peom it really made me feel carm and happy to hear this peom because my cat just died aswell, and I am very sad about it but I have learned to accept it and to acccept the truth. And it is nice to hear that I am not the only one to crie. Thankyou