My Moon And Stars....

Baby, you make me happier than you will ever know,
It's as if Cupid has hit with his arrow and bow.
We met a few hours before the time it is now,
We're going to make this work, I'm not yet sure how.
Whatever you want.... I will give,
Because you are the main reason I chose to live.
Life was miserable and dull before I met you,
But I got extremely happy when you said, 'I like you too.'
We met and I think you are the one,
You are my stars, my moon, my forever-rising sun.
When you read this I hope you think of me,
I hope I am the one that you wish to see.
I know we are moving a little fast,
But I want you to know....... You are my present, future, and my past.
Thank for being there through this rough patch,
Me and you, I think, are a perfect match.
Your kindness means all the world and sky,
And I'm not gonna let go of you, you're an amazing guy!
You are my moon, my stars, and forever-rising sun,
Don't look back, our life together has just begun!

For My Special Someone.... You Know Who You Are

by Tiffany Wolf

Comments (35)

Very beautiful poem dear sweet is your voice love it....
Dear Sir Poet, Such a lonely word, , , Great poem which reveals final destination of mankind. Thanks for sharing... Sincerely, diane
So nice. thanks for sharing
This is so true, good one
it is realy good poem.
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