Good Day To You Sir

Good-Day, To you Sir.
What brings you this way?
Where might you be going,
On this beautiful day?

Why, Do you have,
That gun in your hand?
Do you plan to do harm,
To your fellow man?

You say you are a ROBBER.
What will you have me do?
I will gladly give,
everything I have to you.

GO ahead, Take-My-Money,
Take My-Watch-Also, Friend.
Then go on your way,
And live with your sin.

I would very much,
Like to be here.
IF we should ever
Meet again.

If ever you come
around yonder curve
I will be here saying
Good-Day, To you Sir.

Grant me one wish,
Before you are through.
DO-NOT, take my life
What ever you do.

Then I will know, without a doubt,
When this day is but a blur.
The man I met on the road today

Good-Day, To you Sir.

'You can rob a man many times...
You can murder him only once....'

by Sirpheno The Knight

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