(August 27th,1979 / India)

Good Defeats Evil?

Good will defeat Evil.
Every religion says.
In stories and myths,
Something unseen nowadays.

Like David defeating Goliath,
Lord Rama defeating Ravan.
Superman defeating villains,
And good God defeating Satan.

But why does an honest man,
Always lead a simple life?
And those who bend the rules,
Easily go up in life?

A second look at the mythologies,
Leads to a simple but concealed truth,
That every character of good that wins,
Is more 'powerful' than the uncouth.

So I ask myself with questions,
Hoping the answer will straighten.
Can a 'powerless' but good god,
defeat a 'powerful' but evil Satan?

Then, what were the victories,
the Myths were trying to express?
Was it plainly good over evil?
Or the powerful over the powerless?

More you delve into the myths
More clearly you will see
That every war that was ever won,
Was always by the more powerful.

Thus with a heavy heart,
I finally have to say,
Good has never defeated evil 'on its own',
Until this very day.

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Hello. Can I ask what you were thinking of when writing the last stanza and line? Thanks