MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

Good Friday

A recipe for thought:

Take a pair of scales
as large as the boundless human mind,
and into one scale
pour all the goodness in the world that you can see
and into the other,
all the evil in the world that you can see;
into the first scale now add
all the joy that you have known
(the joy of others you can never measure)
and into the other, all the misery,
(the misery of others you can never measure) :
into the first, add all the laughter you can remember,
and into the second, all the tears;

and now, from the cupboards of your heart,
add what you will
to either scale:
the hopes and fears
of all the years.

now give one day each year
to the watching of these scales
and see if slowly, gently, as we watch
with all our love
the scales

by Michael Shepherd

Comments (3)

I'm not sure if one should write footnotes to one's own poems... Today is a rare occasion when the Feast of the Annunciation coincides with the day which marks the Crucifixion. This was an attempt to acknowledge the nature of such a day beyond Christian terminology.
This is inspirational...Such a simple way to inventory your life...Thanks. Sincerely, Mary
Well written, interesting thought Michael. Me hopes the first scale would continually tip in a positive manner. But guess that would depend on the person. Rusty