Marion Jones

Though to the International Olympic Council she gave her Olympic medals back
I feel she should have kept them since she won them on the track
I am not a sin free person so I will not cast verbal stones
And I will not try to add taint to the tainted Marion Jones

Though without performance enhancing drugs she could have run quite fast
She is not the first to take them and she will not be the last
It was noble of her to admit her guilt and to give her medals back
Those medals she sweated for to win on Sydney's Olympic Track.

Off of the pinnacle of fame she slipped and toppled down
And now she has to live her life with her tainted ill renown
Women sprinting in the Athletic World to a new height she did raise
Though the sports writers and sports historians no longer sing her praise.

Once feted as a true champion the World's best female athlete
But now she lives in disgrace and is dismissed as a drug cheat
Her actions did seem silly and none her now do condone
But I am not without sin so I won't cast the stone.

by Francis Duggan

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