Der Rabe schreit.
Er hat mich gefangen.
Immer muß ich in seinem Schrei
durch das Land ziehn.
Der Rabe schreit.
Er hat mich gefangen.
Gestern saß er im Acker und fror
und mein Herz mit ihm.
Immer schwärzer wird mein Herz,
denn es ist von schwarzen Flügeln

by Thomas Bernhard

Comments (3)

The darkest hour... Well communicated piece of poetry. Sylva.
this is my first experience with this poem. the opening phrase got my attention is it not strange for i have wondered that we call this day good friday. then these lines stood out Or Love, the flower that closes up for fear When rude and selfish spirits breathe too near this is a good image! then the last line got me only broken hearts their sin and shame may hide for our hearts must be broken open- or at least softened- for love, for God, to enter. glen kappy
There is no comparison of Christ's sacrifice- his crucifixion for the sake of humanity. Thanks. Upon Thy streaming wounds my weary eyes Wait like the parched earth on April skies.