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Good Friends
MA (12/26/1955 / Tipton Indiana)

Good Friends

Poem By Mitzi Albright

Hey what you doing man
I kind of need your help
Got to feeling bad today
I couldn’t help myself

Got so mad I grit my teeth
And started turning red
Then I stopped and thought of you
And something that you said

You said you had some shotgun shells
And you knew about a spot
Where we could go and shoot up stuff
And enjoy ourselves a lot

Let’s fill the gas tank on the truck
And buy ourselves a case
Ride around and raise some hell
Burning rubber every place

We’ll rock n roll to Nickelback
And make the neighbors stare
Forget about our common sense
Get crazy if we dare

We’ll stay up till the break of dawn
And talk about old days
When we were young and ornery
Not so settled in our ways

We can wear each other out again
Till we’re in a comfort mode
Grab ourselves a glass of tea
And catch a Star Trek episode

Good to know you’re here for me
When I’m feeling down and out
I’d go the mile for you my friend
Of that there is no doubt

So wake me in the morning
To see I made it through
I owe you big for helping me
Let me know what I can do

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