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Good In Black
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Good In Black

Poem By Nicole Holloway

You're telling me who I'm supposed to be
what I'm supposed to be
telling me how much of a mistake I am
telling me how you're flawless
But you're far from perfect

You paint on your face everyday
You look like a doll
And you're as cold as plastic

The only way you find happiness
in your dull, pathetic way of living
is to ridicule others
cause pain

I'm not going to take it anymore
I'm going to save the world from you

I'm going to drown you
Watch you choke and die
You'd look so good in black

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Comments (4)

Excellent poem, hurtfull feelings portrayed here, well done. If I may say this, when someone tries desperately to hurt an individual, they themselves have been hurt and their way of dealing with this is to hurt others. You obviously Nicole have a wonderful talent, a gift from the Lord. You must not allow anyone to come in the way of that gift. If you spend your time trying to get back at or spend your time thinking too much about the people in life that want to hurt you, you will then use valuable time where you could be creating something beautiful on pages of life People that are jealous of you, usually want to hurt you and see you fail, you're not a failure. These same people spend the better part of their day trying to find ways in which to hurt you or see you fall, while a smart, talented person like yourself should spend your days being positive, being creative, being beautiful, being the person that God wants you to be. Love yourself and forget these negative people, find a positive way to get rid of all negative forces, be what God put you here to be. One thing that I know for sure 'God loves you' unconditionally. You're a good poet and I'm looking forward to reading more of your work. ---Melvina---
holy shit, awesome poem, i loved it alot, how true it is that ppl try to change u and ridicule u when they themselves have so much more flaws than I, wonderful poem, i rly liked it alot Cara
Cooooool! ! ! I like this poem very much, it may just be me, but if i read it right, i put up with a similar thing... It's like, the people who bully, are doing so because they get bullied, and to make themselves feel better, they take it out on someone else. The person who is speaking in the poem (you?) keeps on taking it and taking it, the poem is perhaps an idealistic revenge? And the reference to black i'm sure is when they are in the coffin, not as David K.Z says, goths. Anyway, just my ideas: -D Feel free to pop round and read my stuff!
I starting thinking you were talking about a stuck up lolitagoth in the early parts of them poem 'you look like a doll, and you're as cold as plastic'... but maybe you mean a barbie doll? If the earlier parts of the poem is about a goth, then the final line would be much more powerful as 'You look so good in black'. It would be ironic. But.. now I have the feeling perhaps the speaker is talking to prepped up cheerleader type. If that is the case.. then I must say I dont like the poem. Because goths are getting a bad name. To many high school mass murderers, psychotic vampires wannabe's and psychotic satanists dress like goths. Goths think everyone would look good in black, and this poem seems to suggest that desire has something to do with murder. (the media already more or less portrays goths as rampant killer psychos) Which annoys me. well.. just my thoughts.