Good Luck!

If your living out of habit. Good luck.
[what happens when you want to break that habit]

If your living for one person. Good luck.
[what happens when that person dies]

If your living for out of curiosity, or rage. Good luck.
[what happens when you loose interest]

If your living to find your purpose. Good luck.
[live a life of purpose, create your own.]

If your living. Good job.
[your one of the many who hasn't given up]

If your living your surviving.

If your living with angels. You don't need luck.
[Angels got all the luck they need to back you up].

live it up, laugh it up, go with the flow don't hold back, let go of regrets,
life isn't based off luck but your will to stay strong, your will, your faith, yourself.
Now here is an idea base life off of that.

by kanako izumkui

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An enjoyable poem! well written; personal style comes through. Well done.