EP (4/22/90 / Warren Ohio)

Good Luck My Love

Good luck my love avoiding the fires,
Of the hell that you yourself have created,
Only you will live in them.

Good luck my love escaping the wrath,
Of the demons that seek you,
The ones we all have sent.

Good luck my love on your quest,
Your quest to find the weak,
Or as you wish,
Your prey.

No more good luck shall be wasted on you,
You who has hurt me beyond all repair!

No more shall I fall victim,
To this spell you have brought upon me,
This false advertising.

To avoid the fire, or the demons, I laugh
For you shall not succeed.
Or on your quest,
To find others so foolish, like me?

If only I could have my ever-lasting pain brought on to this world,
As some creature that knows not of morality,
That knows only of the pain you have caused.

This creature that would fallow you,
‘Till your dieing day,
In which it shall play a part.

On that day I shall hover over you body,
With that plug in hand I shall stop you from hurting anyone as you have done me,
I shall gladly pull that plug and say, “This is for you, good luck my love, finding your way.”

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I only have two things to say about revenge: 1) revenge is like wine, it sweetends with age and 2) vengence is a dish best served cold