DQ (January 19,1990 / Denton)

Good Men Are Hard To Find, Good Daddies Are Too, But I Have One And He Loves Me

I've never seen that picture
Where I can smile contently
I've only seen a reflection
Of a cracking family
My life is torn to pieces, yes
But my life also contains one of the best

Look at the grip
That squeeze
You'd think that was
(my daddy)
Him loving me
But that is the squeeze of death
Because all he did was leave me in wrath

Bored faces and broken smile aren't meant to be
Not when he was telling me he loved me
But he is out of the picture
His face has been erased
Because he has been beat
By one of the best
And compared to him
(my real father)
He is the less

Kisses and hugs with a squeeze
Didn't mean he really loved me
But the way my daddy does it, he means it with pride
He has become apart of this incredible ride
Yes I've yelled
He has screamed too
But he doesn't do it without saying 'I love you'

We are in this together,
like it has always meant to be
I m grasping a wonderful daddy who will ALWAYS love me.
(and mean it)

by DJD Quick/dd

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