Good Morning 2u2

Laying in the bed beside you, early morning light, cascades into the window banishing all signs of night,

your sleeping frame presents to me an appetizing sight, I'll wake you up as only I can do, with sheer delight.

You're underneath the comforter because of morning chill, I gently ease it off prepared to give you more than thrills,

your sexy thighs define mine eyes they're slightly parted still, I drape your legs across my shoulders, zero movement; nill.

My face descends your waist I breathe in deep your sweet'ning air, the peaches that I plan to eat secrete a sweet'ning flair,

that trickles just a little we can race, I'll meet you there, my tongue becomes The One like Neo leaping through the air.

The 1st lick stirs your body lightly, is this just a dream? Your womanhood's dessert I'm talkin peaches AND the cream,

which seemingly's inviting me to your forbidden seams, you moan and then it's quiet, I call THAT a silent scream.

The shock is wearing off and now the sound starts coming out, your legs are softly tremb'ling as my tongue moves all about,

like surgery most certainly but this aint nip and tuck, I introduce my special skill, I call it 'lick and suck'.

This means that simultan'eously my tongue as well as lips, are working hard in tandem to dismantle your defense,

just like a potent passing game I'm rackin up the yards, I throw to 2 receivers that'll make you scream for God.

See now that's what you're doing as we're entering that stretch, the sun is shining bright outside and yet you're soaking wet,

sook sookie not a rooke status labels me a vet, I spell the alphabet which makes you gush all on my neck.

I latch on like a newborn baby latches on to feed, you're sudd'nly strong as 20 men, I guess that's it indeed,

you look at me astoundingly not knowing what to do, I wink an eye and wipe my mouth, good morning to you too.

by James Lewis

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