Good Morning

O! Dealer of the dreams
Unfasten your eyes
So that in the patio of my heart
The sun should shine,
Each particle of my existence
Should glimmer in the sunlight,
A cloud overshadowing
My cold-stricken dawn should glide away.

O! Dealer of the dreams
Unfasten your eyes,
Lo! How I spent the night alone
In parting pain, in the wilderness.
Lo! How many dreams I have festooned
In the hope of union.
Lo! All affairs to be shared with you:
Apprehensions of separation,
Nights of union,
I have decked in the tray of adoration,
Your devotee stands aside appalled
And in consequence
Pulse of the time is withheld.

Written by Shazia Akbar
Translated by Muhammad Shanazar

by Muhammad Shanazar

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