ME (05/31/1962 / NJ)

Good Morning Christmas Day

Good morning it’s Christmas Day
All about the world celebrates
As one kindly passes gifts around,
It seems time stands still for today.

Yes families rejoice with great joy
When that first package is open,
One gives thanks to the provider
For that one gadget or toy.

On all sides carolers sing grace
Our anger is put aside for now
As we unlock our hearts in praise,
Beliefs of care are sent in place.

A spirit floats around in hand
Christmas is like a constant calling
The melodic melodies never end
Ever smiles grow like a band.

When the sun goes down,
The music still plays on
Colorful lights shine bright
There are no unhappy frowns.

Well, Christmas is barely more
All the boxed gifts were untied
Grateful regards of joy set about
May it be Christmas forever yore?

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