(8-2-1945 / Gorakhpur)

Good Morning God

Good Morning God,
today, when I saw you in an aurora at dawn,
I didn't see your lovely smile,
and when I asked the reason of your grief,
you didn't reply.

Good Noon God,
It's Easter, my friends are celebrating it,
how happy they are and planning to visit a park,
in a lovely afternoon but unaware that many of them,
will come back with dead children!

Good afternoon God,
what a beautiful scene, children on seesaw and swing,
in new and colorful dresses,
I saw your smile,
it's here on the faces of children.

Good Evening God,
a blast by terror,
blood everywhere,
smiles have gone,
just blood and tears,
do you see it unconcerned like us?

Good Night God,
I looked for your lost smile in the buds
sprung in flowers with a few drops on it,
were it your tears or merely dew drops,
do you cry like us!

by Akhtar Jawad

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Very beautiful and inspiring, thanks for sharing
It is man who designed terrorism for there are man without a conscience but without conscience a man is no longer man thank you sie
A very powerful poem............................
Heart touching poem. We always have more questions than answers.