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Good Morning - Zweeinochtsich
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Good Morning - Zweeinochtsich

Poem By Herbert Nehrlich

The day had come before the sun had risen much,
its everlasting battle chasing fog and mopping dew
was underway when in the cottage there was sensuous touch
they stirred, limbs still entangled and the silken sheets askew.
Twas yet another special day, a countdown to true bliss
they'd met and fallen hard into a sea of Starbuck's fumes
she straddled him again and planted her most luscious kiss
straight from the innate overflow of her most private rooms.
He reached beneath the bed now with his left and idle hand
these are for you my LOVE, red hyacinths, thirteen
twas quiet now, a silence lovers understand,
then she invited him to where he just had been.

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Well, it's official and no longer hidden: I love you both. You also smell very nice and your poetry surpasses expectations by country miles. Hxx
Yes, I wholeheartedly agree with Emancipation Planz. And if I may add, I think I love you too....(Don't tell Dan) . Hugs, Sarahxx
H.x... you know I love your poetry for a variety of reasons... but the poetic radiance of the first 2 lines... 'sun..everlasting battle, chasing fog and mopping dew'... are stunningly hot and for me blaze as stand-outs from the many great balls of fire you constantly blow out to illuminate so many of us with on PH. So… thank you, aroha Dxx