your dark eyes close tight as tears begin to fall.
i hate to see you like this.
whatever pain that causes you to cry,
i hope you can break free of it.
you say you want me,
but im not at all what you need right now.
you say im the beat of your heart,
but really im the poisen in your veins...
waiting for you to make the wrong move first
so you cant see me pull the same thing.
so many thoughts are pulsing through my head
and i cant tell which is right and which is wrong.
i've the gun in hand
and this pain surely hurts much worse,
but still there are those 2 thoughts running through my head.
'should i stay with him, even though im the worse of us,
or do i take the shot and end it all? '
which is right, which is wrong
i cant decide. but this i know is true
if i stay i'll die so good-night.

by Ciara Owens

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