Lies, Lies, And More Lies

You lied once, twice and thrice
That is your sin and your vice
To me and to yourself, you lied:
You lie now right after your lies.
Lies over lies,
Lies inside other lies,
White or half lies
Interbreed with big black lies
And become a pile of amalgamated lies.
You are over-fulled of lies;
Coming out of your mouth are your lies
While you're speaking, you just utter lies
Because your mother tongue is...lienglish
That causes in others a lot of anguish
You yourself are made out of lies are merely by definition...a living lie


by L.P. Alexanders

Comments (29)

yeah the night is good and beautiful too me graceful the night and the dark of lonely night only for darling only of you O love
Wonderful observation and feelings about love.
Very good....................
Super poem, which makes us feel real,lovely night
nice night with sweet thoughts for a sweet love- 10
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