All That Heaven Allows

I want to look at her naked
As a mother would look at her newborn child,
Then I want to awe upon her beauty
But, she will not be defiled.

I want to then sketch her body
From the top of her head unto her toes,
My drawing will give her no justice
But, there will be no woes.

I want to watch her as she turns
Beauty is in her every inch and curve,
I will have her as my inspiration
With pride, her I will observe.

I think of her as a masterpiece
My soul and body she does arouse,
But, that secret is mine alone to keep
That's all that heaven allows.

Randy L. McClave

by Randy McClave

Comments (29)

yeah the night is good and beautiful too me graceful the night and the dark of lonely night only for darling only of you O love
Wonderful observation and feelings about love.
Very good....................
Super poem, which makes us feel real,lovely night
nice night with sweet thoughts for a sweet love- 10
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