Good Old Friend

I only had one friend,
he trusted me till the end,
never cheated, never betrayed,
he engulfed my heart and there he stayed.
When I was bored, he acted all funny,
when it was dark, he made it sunny,
others thought he acted like a fool,
to me, he was just so cool.
To kill myself, is what I tried,
when I knew he simply... died.
My heart was broken, my blood turned cold,
everyone expected me to act bold.
Tears and tears at night I cried,
just to see his joyful eyes.
But then something so suddenly,
Maybe something as so heavenly,
my friend's ghost stood by there,
my eyes couldn't move, for I did stare,
held my hand, I could feel him hollow,
as if he knew that I lived solo.
He took me to a holy place,
I walked his path, with every pace,
Sudden blackness, Light appeared...
' Don't forget me, just believe
I will stay with you till your free,
My dearest, surrender before it's told,
and your darkest past shall be fold'
..And to this day I'll never know,
just why he wanted me to let go,
but I'll never trust anyone again,
Like I trusted my good old friend.

by Maya Hershey

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to me, he was just so cool. To kill myself, is what I tried, when I knew he simply... is very hard to forget the death of beloved...indeed best poem from u....10 read minebidding farewell..boredom
what i like in your poetry is the innocence of your feelings... the way you express and sure the words you choose for....your long comments on my poetry will be added to my new can read my poem ' Peace formula'..' friendly smile' which is based on one of my very famous say...((a friendly smiles is the best weapon of war to fight with..afzal shauq)) ...and ' the eighth color'... you will like them.. I am sure..your detailed notes are really encouraging me dear of is my personal ID, if you keep in touch too
really touching poem. brings tears to my eyes. keep up the good work maya.