Good Ole' Days

Oh how I miss the good ole’ days.
Running, laughing, playing,
Swinging, jumping, and falling.
The days of foursquare and jump rope.
Of dollhouses and action men.
The days of, I like him.
Does he like me?
No! Don’t tell him
I’m not your friend.
Tag you’re it!
No, I’m not! You cheated!
You’re both mad now.
Next day your best friends.

Problems went anyway easier back then.
They seem to linger now.
I don’t know what to say half the time.
…. Or how to act.
We forgave easier back then.
Maybe that’s why God wants us to be like children.
To forgive and forget.
Oh, how easy those days were.
I miss the good ole’ days.

by Gabriell Davis

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