The Day

This day was a bit of a contradiction..
In poetry they call it an oxymoron
Not exactly...
But I'm too caught up in the friction lines
To understand the significance of
March the 14th

Wasn't it Just Valentine's Day
About a month ago...
Weren't we overwhelmed with those clichéd roses that overspark the
Shape of the moon
Glistering on our faces
Like the clowned emotions
at the circus.
Oh my the significance of March the 14th will forever linger in my thoughts...

The thoughts of a Young female
Have never been vague!
Quite complex don't you think?
How a female has the ability to feel ten different emotions all at once...
Yes that was March the 14th...

Woke up with a breeze of coffee sensationalizing all my senses..
And the fresh warm produce that washed away yestetdays problems
It was a new day that came with new possibilities.

The overwhelming experience when
You realize that cum laude that comes with the hard labour of your thoughts
That numbs the rest of your senses
And brings a rush of excitement to the very heart that is about to experience some pain.

Yes that well known cliché, that goes a lil something like this: a lil pain with a lil pleasure
Spare me the inferiority of that statement...
Spare me the heartache that's about to gush out like a river
Bringing sadness to this day
March the 14th....

I eagerly wait to be blessed with his presence..
Only to drown my heart in sorrow for
I never understood him...
I never understood him...
I never burst out that very bubble he blew me in...

Only to realise that he was blowing me in
Not because he felt the same way
But because he was selfish enough to see me float away according to the beat of his song...

Let's talk about the other Significant Pronoun in the life and times of 'The Day'

Being left here alone. Forced to face another day without his delicacy..
1000miles away from me.1000 tears left to dry
Ironic, isn't it?
Yes the significance of March the 14th
I'm still trying to understand..

Unhappily inlove
Joyfully incomplete
Reluctantly content...
In Poetry they call it the oxymoron
But i say
I say
It was a contradiction...
March the 14th

Blowing me into the new day...
I wait.
Oh make me understand
March the 14th

by Nikiwe Nondabula

Comments (3)

I feel I'm looking in the mirror. But planning is dull, and the unread map infinitely more interesting (sometimes) . Yet one feels bad for plans unmade or plans amiss..... Love this. Who could not relate to it? ! ! !
This definitely reminds me of that song/////// You know the one right? Fun poem Dave. :) Sincerely, Mary
Well it made me smile Dave, I hate planning ahead when I do they tend to go belly things off the cuff and they turn out fine.