Good Times

my daddy has paid the rent
and the insurance man is gone
and the lights is back on
and my uncle brud has hit
for one dollar straight
and they is good times
good times
good times

my mama has made bread
and grampaw has come
and everybody is drunk
and dancing in the kitchen
and singing in the kitchen
of these is good times
good times
good times

oh children think about the
good times

by Lucille Clifton

Comments (8)

Such a nice write with some good lines as well..
Memories! ! With the muse of the past. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
That is the best mantra to live a happy life..enjoy every simple moments of life. Children remain in front to take pleasure in simple things. Very nice.
Excellent lucidity to expose living for today metaphor. No high ground seen in any direction of time infinite. Only today is the highest reach to catch the existence. Quiet sad but the truth sometimes appear more intense than fiction.... truth!
That is what we do everything for- feel good every moment in life. We must nurture that attitude. Thanks a lot.
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