Mother Earth

I have tried to learn about secrets
From mother earth and her belt
Why that bond is is strongly felt?
Why is the fragrance always smelt?

Naturally I had leaning for mother
Same feeling with father, brother and sister
Yet there was some hidden attachment
I tried to find out but found no words to comment

One thing is sure for judgment
It is always felt as nice moment
Mother earth has cared us for centuries
And still does same for human miseries

Has she not provided shelter for all?
Does she not need our support for call?
Why have we turned against own mother?
We have torn her apart as butcher

Her rivers stand polluted
Her mountains are blasted
Forests are depleted and look barren
Why these change all of sudden?

Do we want our future generation to be weak?
Do we want to witness the future very much bleak?
If answer is no then let us make it first pollution free
Let our children breath fresh air along with the trees

The bond may vanish if we fail
The relation may be lost if we do not avail
It is needed with earnest desire
Mother earth has to be taken care off and admired

by Hasmukhlal Amathalallal

Comments (1) interesting write....the fox is portrayed as most intelligent... so maybe it's best to hide, especially if you're prey ★