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Good Vs. Evil

Im here bounded for life
Come to me
Break these chains that hold me back
help me bring my life back
I know, I kno
This may all frighten you
But please free me from this life of torment
Cause if you dont I will surely die
With these final words out of my bloody mouth
Who will remember me now
Not as this decaying evil soul
That I most proudly show
But as this peaceful hearted man
That I desperatly hold withen
These two sides of me fights for everlasting control
Good Vs. Evil
If one finaly wins
Will I still be me
Or would i become pure good
And bring forth peacefull things to the end my life
Or will I become absolute evil
To remain bound to my chains for all eternity
As these being my final words
Just go and leave this hideus creature
Bound in chains for the sins he has made

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