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MT (28/10/70 / Staffordshire, England)


We've just this minute said goodbye...
I don't know how I feel
I've stacked the dishes with trembling hands
This seems so surreal
It is finally over, the year has ended

I've seen this coming a long time
You said this must stop, it is fruitless
It's not going anywhere, it's just dreams
My hands are cold and my heart is numb
Not sure what I should do

Yes, numb, and very cold
And the tears are hot on my cheek
But no matter what you say
I won't forget about you
The way you made my heart sing

The way you made my soul dance
You say I have a soul, well listen
You gave it to me in my hands
Before you, it and I hadn't met
But now we are one

I'm sure I'll get through this day
Of remorse, regret, anger
I'm off to work soon, there
I can smile and laugh with people
Hiding the turmoil I am in

It is for the best I know
You are you, I am me
You are too dark, I am too bright
You would never be my Mr Right
It's ended, I feel empty, I'll survive.

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Comments (3)

Em? ? ? ? sometimes, what we see as endings, are really just 'pauses' on the way to yet 'another' new beginning.........This is sad and oh so poignant. (avonga) hugs, marci....
Very expressive and communicates so well I need to go make some coffee to steady my feelings, well written, emotionally yours, David.
Touching poem... Michelle...10