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(May 10,1991 / )


Poem By Kathryn Garner

Protection on clear glass
And I watch the lights and past
A window pane, glazed with fog
I’m already half way gone
Even before this
The lights are all ill miss

I’m letting go
Let me go

On the roads I’ve been
The streets go been
And the future lanes
That I see behind this windowpane
Fade to nothing but the dank
Depths to which I sank

Like an old photograph
The edges slowly turn black
Crinkling like forsaken mementos
That I’m learning now to let go
I just faced the ugly truth
I’m used and now there’s no use

Each bulb in the street goes out
There’s no turning back now
The black fire without oxygen
Is now creeping to where it’s never been
And now there goes the sun
Look you bastards at what you’ve done
Done to me
Don’t look at me

The streets are turning dim
I’d don’t know where I’ve been
Searching at the darkness creeps to my veins
I need you baby, my oxygen
Please stop the pain
The rope grows tighter
My head grows lighter
The world isn’t real
And now I cant feel
Takes my throat, take my light
The rope is so tight
Its killing the light
The bulbs pop away
Baby, please just stay
Don’t runaway
I need you to stay
Swear you’ll stay
I swear I need you to stay
But this is letting me let go
Let me go
Watch me let go

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hah, interesting indeed, goodbye's never cool. sometimes it's hard to deal with but, yo, we all have to let go of bullshit now and again. goodbye and sweet write, not that I enjoy reading depressing things lol. .....CORRUPT S.....
Great poem! You're years ahead of your peers as a writer. I can't wait to see what you produce a year or two down the line. Great detail and craft. Top marks! -Michael