Poem By ... suzyonelittledev

I watch you while your sleeping
You never know I’m there
I listen to you breathing
And gently stroke your hair.

But while you sleep I’m crying
For all the love that’s lost
For all the times we didn’t give
And now its to our cost.

You cling on to the hope now
That I will change my mind
But all the love I felt for you
I can … longer find

So both of us will cry now
And both our hearts will break
But I have given all I can give
And you have taken all you can take.

We have so many memories
Some good times and some bad.
You once made me so happy
Now all I feel is sad.

I think we’ve grown apart now
Who’s fault I do not know
Guess this is the exit
its time for you to go.

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Dude I love it keep it up
Once again good! I love your poems they make me wanna read more. Nice

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Some where in the darkeness
In the corners of my mind
There is a childhood memory
That I no longer want to find


when you are in the darkness
alone and feeling blue
tears falling down your face
wondering what to do.


why do I love you
when your face ive not seen
why do you haunt me
In reality and dreams


In her heart, mind and body
A war rages deep within
She’s trying to control her feelings
She’s trying not to commit a sin.

Love And Affection

You asked for love and affection
I gave it willingly
But did that give you the right
To be so cruel to me.


Don’t judge me for I never once judged you
Don’t tell me what I am supposed to do
Don’t tell me with whom I can speak
I am strong no longer weak.