We never thought
It would happen so soon
So suddenly
That things would end
So abruptly
That things would be left unfinished
That so much would change
That everything would be scrambled
And hastily rearranged

I never had a chance
To really say goodbye
And now, bouquet in hand
I kneel by your graveside...

(12/06/08-In memory of William Hsu,1928-2008 ~Rest In Peace~)

by Leslie Ching

Comments (9)

Very sad... and I understand the feeling. Deeply emotional poem.
so touching....very wonderfully written from heart... with wonderful, touching message so sad...really sad not to be able to say goodbye..esp to a person who means so much.. and whom you cant see anymore... but everything is according to God's plan......
they never are no such thing is goodbye...Just sad byes so wonderfully writing... but at same time it makes me sad! 10+
Your poem shows the grief in you, . i feel sorry for you. Good poem
Obviously one feels grief after losing someone special........and only a true person can bring these feelings to words........
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