SC (9-08-1992 / nairobi)


The time has come,
for me to say goodbye.
Lets make this as quick as possible,
so you dont have to see me cry.
Its funny because,
we, ve been friends a long time.
But i had never,
how blue your eyes were.
Blue like the sky,
when we went on picnics.
Blue like the ocean,
when we went swimming.
Blue like the shirt,
you gave me.
Blue like the suitcase,
am carrying right now.
Together we overcame many obstacles.but this is one war we have already lost.Who knows maybe one day when your walking the street we shall meet.And I shall look once more into your blue eyes maybe.but
one thing, s for sure, everytime I see the sky when am on a picnic, everytime I swim in the ocean, everytime I wear a blue shirt, everytime I pack a suitcase I shall remember you.I promise.
'so tis true then my fair maiden the hardest thing in
friendship is saying goodbye
Good Bye'

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